View/Cancel Your AIIMS Appointment Number online

Through the AIIMS official website, you can easily view or cancel your booked AIIMS online appointments. Here is the process to cancel or view AIIMS Appointment online.

How to view AIIMS Appointment online :

  • Go to the official website of AIIMS
  • Click on the “View/Cancel Appointment” option
  • Here enter your UHID also captcha code
  • Click on Proceed button
  • You will get the separate page then select the hospital and state appointment id
  • Also click on proceed button
  • Fill the OTP
  • Then the AIIMS online appointment will open which is related to you

How to cancel the AIIMS appointment through online:

Sometimes people unable to reach the hospital for some reasons. So don’t worry about that cases people can easily cancel their appointments through online.

Note: You need to cancel appointment one day before or else your profile will be blocked for one month for booking the next AIIMS appointment online

  • Cancellation number will be given in the confirmation SMS (Cancellation number: 011-65900669)
  • Just follow the instructions and enter your Application ID
  • Cancel your AIIMS appointment

Important points to remember to cancel the appointment:

  • Don’t cancel the appointment continuously because they can block your account
  • Reach the hospital before 1-2 hours time of appointment
  • Avoid appointment booking for the unknown persons
  • Don’t call the AIIMS doctors without any valid or strong reasons